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Weekly Log # 6

Name: Matt Levine      Date: 3/14/03                                         

What was the focus of this weeks problem solving?

This week, the project was heavily modified from the original design because we found we could eliminate some problems from the previous design. One big decision had to be made as to which material we were going to use most for the project: the material that will offer us the most strength but be as light as possible. Different members had different ideas as to which material would be most beneficial.

What did you accomplish?  What Materials were used?

 I had my say in which material to use. We ended up choosing wood and plexiglass mixed, rather than the original design of just plexiglass.

What are your next plans for the project?

 To continue to expand the web page and the project.

Are you satisfied with your progress?  What would you change?

 Yes, we are all learning to work together better now than in previous weeks. We are learning eachothers strengths and weaknesses which I think is a very good thing to do.